Links and References

AAC Intervention
  Augmentative/Alternative Communication Intervention

American Speech-Language and Hearing Association
  Making effective communication, a human right, accessible and acheivable for all.

Apraxia Kids
  Resource for developmental apraxia of speech.

Do to Learn
  educational resource for children with special needs

Everything Speech
  resource for speech language pathology information

Help Your child Speak
  Help your child learn to talk better in everyday activities

Linda Burkhardt - Simplified Technology - Links
  Selected Links to Assistive Technology and Augmentative Communication Resources for Children with Disabilities

Mrs. Riley- Its in the Cards
  resource for building a picture communication library

Speaking of Speech
  resource for speech-language pathologists- materials

Speech Language Pathology Links
  resource for speech-language pathology links

Speech Language Pathology Resources
  A site with a variety of resources for school aged children

  special education resource for children with autism spectrum disorders

Featured eBook

How to Help Your Child Learn to Talk Better In Everyday Activities
How to Help Your Child Learn to Talk Better In Everyday Activities

There’s help for children who have delayed or disordered speech or language development, apraxia of speech and other articulation difficulties, and other issues that slow down this developmental process. Parents and others can help a toddler, preschooler, or older child speak better and develop language skills by using specific techniques. This eBook provides clear explanations, information, and lots of examples.