Frequently Used Signs

Book "Book"

Left and right open hands together (palms facing each other) hands rotate open as if opening a book.

Brother "Brother"

Right hand starts at forehead with palm down, fingers flat. Hand moves away from forehead and fingers and thumb come together. Then bring right and left index finger in front of you.

Candy "Candy"

Index finger points and twists next to mouth.

Car "Car"

Fisted hands move up and down as if on the steering wheel of a car.

Cookie "Cookie"

Left flat hand is palm up. Right hand comes down with curved fingers onto hand, lift right hand and twist. Come back down onto left hand.

Dog "Dog"

Flat hand taps at hip or thigh, then snap finger as if to call a dog.

Drink "Drink"

"C" hand comes to mount as if drinking from a cup.

Eat "Eat"

Palm in, fingers together like "O" comes to mouth and moves slightly as if eating.

Father "Father"

Open hand; palms sideways; taps with thumb at forehead.

Finish "Finish"

Hands open, palms in, then wrists rotate down and out. Finish with hands open facing palm down.

Go "Go"

Index fingers rotate around each other like wheels of a car rotating.

Home "Home"

"O" hand starts at lips and moves up to ear.

I "I"

"I" hand at chest.

In "In"

Base hand is cupped in a "C" shape, right hand moves "in" to cup with thumb in, fingers down.

More "More"

"O" hands face each other and come together. Fingers will actually touch - tap finger tips.

Mother "Mother"

Open hand, palm sideways. Tap with thumb at chin.

Movie "Movie"

Base hand open, palm in at slight angle upward. Pass other hand (open also) over base, back and forth. Represents a movie reel passing over the screen.

My "My"

Open hand, palm in, touches chest.

On "On"

Base hand open palm down. Other hand is open, palm down and moves "on" to base.

Open "Open"

Palms facing out, hands open up and together. Rotate wrists so that little fingers come together, then back again as if a door is opening.

Play "Play"

Left and right "Y" hands start palms in, rotate palms out.

Sit "Sit"

Left index and middle finger extended sideways with palms down. Right index and middle fingers curl over lift index and middle finger as if legs sitting on a chair.

Sister "Sister"

"A" hand moves down from cheek to chin; then left and right index fingers come together.

Sleep "Sleep"

Right hand open, rests on cheek and tilt head as if sleeping on a pillow.

Sorry "Sorry"

Move "S" hand in circular motion at chest.

Stop "Stop"

Base hand flat, open, palms up. Right hand open with palms sideways, comes down onto base hand.

Thank You "Thank You"

Open hand, fingers together and palms in and comes to lips -- moves away as if blowing a kiss.

Toilet "Toilet"

Shake a "T" hand to the side.

Want "Want"

Right and left palms up, fingers slightly curled. Move in towards body.

You "You"

Point to other person.

Train (Practice) "Train (Practice)"

Base index finger points sideways. Move "M" of right hand across the base index.

Wait "Wait"

Right and left palms up, wiggle fingers.

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